What makes a great site write? 

We’ve just done the copywriting for Metro Bank’s new website. It was a great project to work on – and we learned a lot from the efficient way it was run.

 What makes a great site write? 

We don’t often blow our own trumpet. But in this case we will. We’ve just worked on a great project with Metro Bank. Here’s what they said about us:

‘We were very impressed with the dedication and attention to detail we received from the Sticky Content team helping us with all aspects of content creation throughout the project. 

‘They worked quickly and professionally with a number of business areas meaning we were able to re-write and launch our new website in just 5 months.’

It’s true that 5 months is exceptionally fast for this type of project – the creation of a new website for a high street bank – especially with copy written from scratch. 

And while we’d like to pat ourselves on the back for this, it was thanks to the incredible efficiency of the Metro Bank team. 

The way the process was managed provides take-aways for content creators and project managers involved in a large copywriting project for a website of any kind. 

Here are some of the essentials:

A clear sense of direction: There was a clear sense of exactly what Metro Bank wanted to achieve and how they were going to get there. Everyone working directly on the project, and the stakeholders contributing to it, was on board from the start. Every role was clearly defined so people were able to play to their strengths. Plus, all the necessary guidance for content creators, like tone of voice guidelines, was in place.

Briefs for each page: Clear briefs written into forms closely matched to the structure of pages were easy for product owners to complete, and for writers to work from.

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines: All projects have a schedule. This one stuck to it, with everyone understanding the importance to the project of delivering briefs and feedback dead on time.

Design and content working together: Content led the design on many pages, and there was plenty of flexibility with writers and designers working together to achieve the best result. 

Iterative process: This type of content is complex, so it was great to have multiple iterations built into the project. User testing was planned into the process and results were used to refine and improve design and content. Version control was managed efficiently via Jira. 

Team spirit: We worked together in a small content team, including a compliance stakeholder. This was particularly useful and enabled us to get answers to questions on the spot rather than relying on email. 

Biscuits: A good selection is essential for a hard day’s content creation. We’re happy to report that Metro Bank delivered!

The result: A happy team who finished the project to deadline and a fantastic redesigned website that was met by approval from happy customers.