What is content marketing?

Content marketing is defined by Econsultancy as “marketers becoming publishers – owning the media instead of renting it.” It’s about “attracting and retaining customers by creating / curating valuable, compelling and relevant content to maintain or change behaviour.”

 What is content marketing?

This kind of content-led approach is particularly useful in b2b contexts. That’s because the products or services involved – whether it’s a CRM platform or a networked telecoms infrastructure – are often very complex offerings that require multiple decision-makers and significant lead times to convert. Your prospects need to understand how what you have to offer maps to their needs, speaks to their pain points, and addresses the challenges and issues of their industry or sector.

In short, they need to get that you know what you’re talking about. And the way to make sure they do is to be generous with useful information – editorial rather than promotional – that positions you as experts, speaks about things your audience care about, and isn’t easy to find elsewhere.

Once your prospects recognise you as a provider of expert content, it’s a short step to recognising you as someone they trust and want to do business with.

At Sticky Content, we’ve been helping organisations market with content for 15 years, because we’ve seen time and again that what gets people engaged is not empty marketese but useful information.