Waffle: the cardinal sin of digital

We researched the state of digital content – and the results were fascinating.

 Waffle: the cardinal sin of digital

Since we started researching the state of digital copywriting, we’ve been collecting insights into what gets in the way of digital content getting better – and some of them are fascinating.

According to our survey, people think typos on your site make you look “tinpot”, “shoddy” and “unprofessional”. Although one respondent did recognise the pressures of production, saying: “They probably had a deadline to meet”.

We’ve also been getting some great responses to our question about copywriting pet hates, with poor grammar, “overly-casual” language and too! many! exclamation! marks! causing a lot of distress.

However, early indications show that for most people, the biggest digital content clanger is copy that’s over-long and doesn’t get to the point.

So what do you think? Do words that waffle make you switch off?