Top tone 1: Codegent

First in an occasional series highlighting organisations that are great at using tone of voice to communicate themselves online

 Top tone 1: Codegent


Codegent is a London-based digital agency that "fuses creative ideas with solid technology to produce outstanding results".

Why we like: 

Everywhere you look on this simple, logical site, the language conveys the impression of an agency that is creative and innovative, but with a clear understanding of the commercial objectives businesses bring to digital. The language gives a clear sense of a coherent vision, shared purpose and strong, confident opinions based on hard-earned experience.


 Rather than the usual dull list of services and functions, the site divides its people into Digital shrinks (strategic planning), Creative architects (design & build) and Mad scientists(innovative applications / R&D). (For seo and scan readers, these are given instant glosses too.)

  • One model for running an agency goes like this: take a brief, don't challenge it, charge as much as you can, turn it round as quickly as possible, don't rock the boat, invoice, get paid, move on. We don't think that's what clients want. They want us to be on their side, but also to tell them when we disagree. We don't pretend to know more about our clients' businesses than they do, but we do know an awful lot about digital.