The top 5 things tablet users want

Just when you had mobile websites figured out, along came the tablet. It means a whole new set of rules and demands a different copywriting approach...

1. No information overload

Smaller tablet screens mean that you need to make decisions about what to include and what to ditch. Migrating your whole website across to your tablet site makes it less focused and harder to navigate.

It’s a good idea to distil your website into 3 key business areas – the ones most important to your users. By doing this, you can create content that is interesting and cut down on more irrelevant areas.

2. Low demands on their bandwidth

How good 4G internet connection is remains to be seen. Until then, you need to take account of slow mobile internet. Lumbering your tablet site with lots of images and Flash will weigh it down. And if your site takes too long to load, your readers are unlikely to return very often. Nothing looks worse on a site than lots of broken images all over the place.

So think about how to create sleek content that doesn’t put too much strain on your reader’s internet connection.

3. Drop-down menus instead of text boxes

Touch-screen keypads have come on leaps and bounds – but it’s still a nuisance to write long bits of text with one. It’s a common complaint of websites that you’re forced to type out comments in forms. On tablets, that issue is magnified – it’s far better to include drop-down menus and lists that users can select an option from with a single tap.
If you’re forcing your readers to fill out text boxes – in forms, for instance – you’ll find a lot of them simply leave your site.

4. Content for a laid-back reading style

The typical tablet user spends long periods of time on their tablet device – much longer than they would on a smartphone. Because of this, there’s a demand for high-quality content that doesn’t need to be consumed quickly. The typical tablet user is in “lean-back mode” – they’re absorbing information rather than actively completing tasks.

It’s the same way people watch television, so consider how that attitude impacts on the content you create.

5. Well-connected content that makes for easy page-hopping

Tablet users can spend hours on their device – but they still like to jump around between different pages.

It’s a good idea to make your tablet site dynamic and include calls-to-action to direct users around the site. You’re competing with a whole range of apps that are always just a tap away. So your content should always offer new and interesting places for your reader to go when the fancy takes them.

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