Talking – the next big trend?

Last week was all about social media. At least, it was supposed to be.

 Talking – the next big trend?

On Tuesday I spoke at the Web 2.0 experience at Internet World and gave my (strong) opinions of what I think it all means for us copy content providers. Wednesday, I read a couple of positive posts about my talk and was instantly in love with the entire blogosphere. A virtual bender of digging, blogging, commenting and tagging was sure to follow. Er, nope…

What actually happened is that loads of people came to the Sticky Content stand to speak with us, called us, or asked for a meeting. Face-to-face. Which begs the question: could the next big trend possibly be… talking?

I’ve even found someone a few steps ahead of me on this. Lloyd Davis talks about the bootstrap effect, where a relationship initially built on the web, is cemented offline, thus creating even more online possibilities.

It’s my perception that all this web 2.0 talk is instilling a sense of panic in companies to participate in social media when many of them could start by simply sitting down and talking to their own sales teams. For it’s in the ‘meatspace’ (HATE that term Lloyd!) that communication with customers tends to be at its best. Yet it's still hard to find examples of websites which communicate key sales messages clearly and consistently, delighting customers and elevating their brand at the same time. And until a corporate can communicate effectively in writing, stay out of social media, I say.