Our top-performing posts of 2018 so far

Check out the posts from our blog that have attracted the most interest in 2018 to date…

8 top tips for posting on Instagram

With better user brand engagement than other social channels, Instagram is an important business tool. Make sure your Instagram posts are more than just pretty pictures with these handy tips…

7 things you need for a strong editorial QA process

Editorial quality control isn't just about double-checking grammar and spelling. Managed properly, it's a process designed to ensure that every step of the content creation cycle contributes to the best possible output, every time. Here are 7 key elements of a robust editorial QA process…

Marketers! You’re dumber than you think you are…

Emily Shelley’s cut-down version of her popular talk on cognitive bias at Marketing Week Live. You may think you’re led by the data when you make marketing decisions, but you’re far more biased than you realise.

How to run a content planning workshop

Do you need to create a content plan or editorial calendar? A content planning workshop is a great way to begin this process. Here's how to make sure you get the most out of it.

4 frequently asked questions about writing FAQs

A good FAQs page can leave a positive impression on your users and reduce calls to your call centre, saving you money in the long run. Here are the most frequently asked questions we get asked about writing FAQs, and how to answer them…

Are you Team Title Case or Team sentence case?

We look at the advantages and drawbacks of these two styles of capitalisation – and explain which side we’re on.

Speak Easy – how voice technology will shape the future of content

Voice technology is changing how users relate to their devices – and it’s making the need for a strong brand voice more pressing than ever, finds a new report.

Anti-personas: what are they and do you need one?

Knowing who you’re not writing for can help you create better content. Here’s how to create an anti-persona and use it effectively.

Brutalist design: what it teaches us about tone of voice

The text on a brutalist website is often overlooked. But brutalist design reveals a lot about tone of voice and the impact of our words.

6 ways to make life easier for your users

The perception of ease, of low effort, is a powerful nudge to engagement and even conversion. Here are 6 ways content can help…

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