Make your content work for you this summer

Key team members and stakeholders may be on holiday over the summer, but that doesn’t mean your content efforts have to take a break too. The summer months can be a great chance to commission some of those important but non-urgent projects that can all too easily get overlooked in the rush of day-to-day business.

 Make your content work for you this summer

Review and update your key pages
There are probably a lot of pages or sections on your site that get looked at a lot. They basically work, but that haven’t had much attention or love since they were first published.

FAQs, Help content, case studies, product pages… now’s a good time to look at these important areas, and review them for tone, scannability and accuracy of information.

Optimise your key conversion journeys
Now’s also a good chance to take a step back and review the language and logic of some of your key conversion journeys – sales funnels, bookflows, email sign-ups, quote forms and more.

Looking hard at these small but commercially essential elements – and applying insights from the likes of persuasive copywriting, nudge theory and retail psychology – can yield significant returns.

Get ahead on your social output
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn… Wherever you’re active socially, the challenge is always on to keep up the momentum of great social posts and ideas.

Some social content has to be topical, but you can keep content production sustainable by getting ahead with posts that are either evergreen – they won’t date, so you can slot them in as and when – or planned-topical – ie you write them in advance of events and milestones that you know will be happening.

August is a great time to build up a bank of posts, tweets and updates to keep your social fires burning, even during the busiest times of autumn.

Review your tone of voice guidelines
Defining your brand voice is one challenge – rolling it out and getting your people to understand it and use it consistently is quite another.

Maybe you have tone of voice guidelines, but how up to date are they? Now’s a good time to review what you’ve got and add in examples that are more current, demonstrate best practice, and show how the voice works across all your touchpoints – from billboard ads to error messages, Facebook posts to FAQs, white papers to PPC ads.

Check out the competition
Markets don’t stand still, and your competitors are always looking for ways to get an edge over you. But too often we don’t have the time to look at what others are doing in our space or to think about where we need to optimise our marketing efforts to defend or better differentiate ourselves.

Conducting a competitor content audit will give you lots of valuable insights about how your rivals are shaping up, what you can learn from them, and what you need to be worried about. The best audits give you lots of practical recommendations – both quick wins and longer-term suggestions.

Brainstorm some ideas to populate your editorial calendar
In content marketing, good ideas are the commodity that’s always in shortest supply.

Why not have a brainstorming session with some of the junior staff left behind in August who are holding the fort? Sometimes people get creative and share more freely without the bosses around. Alternatively, outsource the thinking bit and take a break yourself – you’ll come back to a chunky list of clever, on-brand ideas to keep you in content for the rest of the year and beyond.