Learn the language of subject lines

Send in your A/B test results for a free research report. We all want the formula for a perfect subject line - and after a new research study it might just be available.

 Learn the language of subject lines

To find the language rules that help subject lines succeed, you need a huge sample. But most organisations can't test more than a handful of subject lines at a time. This is where email agency Alchemy Worx comes in. Instead of split-testing subject lines for a single email or organisation, they plan to analyse their back catalogue of thousands of A/B tests, all at once - plus test results contributed by other agencies and organisations (and perhaps some from you...). The largest collaborative subject line study ever run. The study, to be produced in association with Sticky Content, will analyse the language, construction and grammar of thousands of A/B tested subject lines to come up with the winning formula for wording a successful subject line. We'll be hoping to answer such questions as: Which work better in subject lines - questions or instructions?

  • General public
  • What are the most to use in subject lines - and what are the words to avoid?
  • effective words
  • Does mentioning your brand name in a subject line really make a difference?
  • Does personalisation in a subject line improve performance?

It will involve thousands of pairs of subject lines from all industries, and identify universal trends. The results will be published in a report giving the techniques that make subject lines successful. How to get involved Have you run A/B subject line tests in the last 18 months? You can get a free advance copy of the report by contributing your data to the Alchemy Worx study. Send in your data by 9 July 2010Get involved in the subject line study