Is your business set up to do digital content?

Here's a checklist to help you understand whether you have the culture, skills and processes to create effective, sustainable, digital content...

 Is your business set up to do digital content?

Here’s a checklist to make sure you have the culture, skills and processes to create effective, sustainable, marketable content

Planning content

  • Your digital content plan is synched with your market knowledge and advertising and your social media activity.
  • You know which platforms (like mobile) your audiences are using and how to write for each.
  • You understand how important forms are for conversions and you know how to make them simple and intuitive.
  • You dedicate resources to understanding content trends and best practices.

Creating content

  • You generally create content to a written brief.
  • You know the target audience for each piece of content you create.
  • You know whether an article, tweet, video or infographic is the best way to present content in the most useful way for the user.
  • Your writers are well trained in your tone of voice and in writing for digital.

Delivering content

  • You have an editorial plan or calendar showing what content should be produced and when.
  • You meet regularly to update your calendar as ideas and events change.
  • You’re confident that your senior content stakeholders understand good digital copy. (If they don’t, show them.)
  • You have a strong process for generating content ideas.
  • You have someone who owns copy and oversees changes – wording is not just up for grabs by anyone.

Governing content

  • You have no out-of-date content on the website with, for example, last year’s tech specs or contact details.
  • You know when each page will need reviewing or deleting (which shows you’re targeting your content rather than firing aimlessly into the dark).
  • You know how to measure the success of each digital piece of content (eg email opens, webpage visits).
  • You understand the business value of each of the content metrics you use.