Is digital copywriting in a state?

We all know copy matters. It helps you get found in a search, build awareness of your brand, turn browsers into buyers. So how are we all doing when it comes to planning and creating valuable, effective content.

 Is digital copywriting in a state?

For our State of Digital Copywriting survey, we canvassed the opinions of 365 content professionals. The results were fascinating and sometimes alarming:

  • Print is still miles ahead: Even though we’re all digital citizens now, most respondents said they still expect to find much better-quality writing in printed magazines and newspapers than in digital media. And almost 6 in 10 respondents say they expect a brand’s Facebook updates to be very poorly written. 
  • Stakeholder overkill: Respondents tell us that excessive stakeholder input can get in the way of good content. Almost 5 per cent say they have to deal with 8 or more stakeholders, and 1 in 10 have to deal with 5 or more rounds of amends. Which stakeholders cause the biggest headache? About 3 in 10 respondents say senior management damages copy the most.  
  • CMS issues: Several respondents felt the CMS got in the way of effectively presented copy. ‘Things are written to the shape of the space!’ was a typical complaint.