Hypewatch: Leonardo was a blogger

Inflated claims for technology #1

 Hypewatch: Leonardo was a blogger
  • Once you start to look for bloglike phenomena in the history of our civilization, you start to find them everywhere. The Talmudic tradition... is also a form of proto-blogging - scholars and thinkers debating the meaning of text passages from another era and creating commentaries, refinements, additions, and different shades of interpretation. Renaissance artists and thinkers were bloggers of a kind as well, commenting on what they found of interest and beauty from the cultures of Greece and Rome. Leonardo da Vinci probably wrote the greatest unpublished blog of all time in his more than thirty thousand pages of diary entries.

-- Dan Burstein in blog! how the newest media revolution is changing politics, business, and culture Let's see: that's most art, thinking about pretty much anything, and general "comment". Everything is a blog! Hurrah! Gems like this crop up all over the place whenever people get carried away about new technology, new media, or just the new new thing. It's mostly harmless, but sometimes it just makes you step back and think, "really? No, really?". We'll be collecting our favourites here. What are yours? (Oh, and here's a link to Dan (and David Kline)'s book. It's only fair.)