Copy fail: innocent on Twitter

A truly effective tone of voice gets everywhere

 Copy fail: innocent on Twitter

And a truly effective tone of voice needs to flex from channel to channel – your brand voice will not be quite the same in a tweet as in a white paper or an email newsletter, for instance. This is a particular challenge for brands in social media, where informality, off-the-cuff commentary and instant responses are the norm. And in chasing after a compellingly social voice, a brand should never forget who it is, or what it stands for – the wrong message, however cleverly worded, can have a strong negative effect.

Innocent – whose marcomms are regularly held up as best practice in tone of voice workshops – fell foul of this challenge recently, when a commenter prompted the brand to tweet an unfortunate gag about Class A drugs. Naturally, the Daily Mail was on hand to point out where they’d gone wrong…