Content culture in the UK | How do you measure up?

Our survey results are out – find out how businesses like yours are adapting to digital publishing

We hope you find these survey results interesting and useful - We learned a lot – and we think you will too. Use this report to:

  • kick-start a conversation about a clearer strategy for your content efforts
  • discuss a more streamlined sign-off and stakeholder process
  • highlight content wastage in your own organisation
  • feel like you’re not alone in your efforts to publish great content!

In this doc you’ll find all the detailed results – along with some inspirational comments from content gurus we
know and love, and some tips and advice from the team here. Use them to help you plan, create and distribute
great content.

Here are some of our headline findings:

  1. Content is moving into the mainstream at UK organisations and there is expertise in-house…
  2. Senior managers are holding back content efforts and denting quality… 
  3. We’re creating a lot of content but not spending much time planning or measuring its success…

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This latest report from Sticky Content is a real gem because it's this kind of hard data that proves invaluable when championing the value of Content Strategy within large organisations, plus it allows us to benchmark our activity more widely. As an ex-journo myself, it's just fantastic that Content Culture has never been more top of mind.

Chris Marais, lead optimisation manager, Nationwide Building Society

For further information on Sticky, please contact: Rajet Gamhiouen, Head of Marketing, +44 (0)207 963 7281

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