7 steps to content marketing – get started with our free templates

Content got you in a panic? Don’t know where to start? This free pack of templates walks you through the 7 things to get straight before starting on the path to content success.

 7 steps to content marketing – get started with our free templates

These templates have been designed to give you the guidance you need to get your own content marketing strategy moving. It might feel as though there’s a lot to do, but getting a few of the fundamentals agreed and down on paper where you can share them is a great first step.

What’s included?

  • How to create a mission statement
  • Advice on devising your own content personas
  • Assembling your content team
  • Defining your niche
  • Creating a briefing form
  • Making a copy format
  • Nailing your editorial calendar

We hope this gives you a solid start in improving your content – or just filling in the gaps in your strategy.

Download the templates now

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