5 ways to avoid the Christmas copy cliches

Writing ecommerce marketing content for Christmas? Don’t sing the same carols as everyone else. Think laterally – try these 5 tricks to junk the clichés and get content ideas that really sparkle…

 5 ways to avoid the Christmas copy cliches

Tired of the same old turkeys when it comes to festive content? Potential customers will probably just groan when you say you have ‘Christmas all wrapped up’ or talk about your cracker deals (again), so stop dusting down the same tired yuletide messages and try these 5 content ideas to get your bells (and profit margins) jingling.

1. Christmas isn’t just for the family

Think about the Christmas your customers will be having at work too. Secret Santa, the workplace ritual of buying one of your colleagues a little Christmas present, defines a niche market all of its own. Why not extend some help to the thousands of time-poor workers who struggle every year to buy a gift for someone they barely know.

Eg: 10 unusual, inoffensive and modestly-priced gifts perfect for Secret Santa

2. Catastrophic thinking can be your friend

Everyone loves a helping hand – so get your gloomy hat on and start pondering hard about the biggest difficulties, disasters and dangers of the festive season. Then see how many of those give you an opportunity to provide a quick fix.

Eg: Unexpected extra guests? This foldaway furniture will be just the thing.

3. It’s all ho ho ho until someone gets hurt

Use humour to promote your products and push your brand while you’re at it. And don’t think this means wheeling out a boatload of bad cracker puns – if it’s right for your brand, why not get a bit spiky…

Eg: The Passive-Aggressive Gifting Guide – or what to buy for people you don’t like. (‘Can’t stand your brother-in-law? Buy his children this kazoo and drum set…’)

 4. Anticipate the bounce-back

Once you hit Boxing Day, ‘tis the season to send back all those presents that didn’t hit the mark. So how about creating some content to help minimise the great gifting reflux? Collect data about why your products get returned, and write content that combats those problems.

Eg: How to be sure you’re buying the right size – a stealth guide to getting her measurements without giving the game away

5. Catch the 2nd wave with accessories

Sales of accessories, peripherals, add-ons and embellishments spike just after Christmas as people flock to mod their latest stuff. Time your promotion right, and you can double-down with sales of cases, cables, gadgets and gizmos aplenty.

Eg: Keep playing longer – 5 portable power supplies for more juice when you need it