3 examples of travel brands doing clever things with product discovery

Content is key for these holiday companies when it comes to giving customers the chance to get to grips with their products

 3 examples of travel brands doing clever things with product discovery

We all like choice, especially when it comes to booking our next big holiday. And the more options users have to get to grips with the products on offer as they navigate a travel site, the more likely they’ll make a purchase.

As these 3 travel brands show, content is key when giving customers a range of ways to discover more about their holidays. 

1. Go Collette: Keep it simple

Using simple editorial techniques can have a big impact on content, making it look attractive and engaging.

And this is something escorted travel company Go Collette has taken to heart on its product pages, which all stick to a clear and concise format.

These tour descriptions all have a catchy headline, a strong introduction, and a well-chosen image, alongside all the essential information like price and special offers.

The effect is to create something similar to a traditional travel magazine, which is easy to flick through when planning a big trip.

Key takeaway: Keep things simple to generate maximum interest.

Go Collette

2. Black Tomato: Make universal ideas your own

Everyone’s got their bucket list destinations – those places they want to see and experience in their lifetime.

Holiday company Black Tomato has recognised this, and used it as an effective way to boost customer engagement.

Visitors to the website are invited to browse the tours, hotels and destinations on offer, and then store their favourites using the online bucket list service.

Just as with Amazon’s wishlist, this interactive tool reminds users of the products that have interested them, and could be used as part of a wider strategy including marketing emails and customer profiling.

Key takeaway: Be on the lookout for universal ideas and ask how you could adopt and adapt them to promote what you do.

Black Tomato

3. Intrepid: Provide different ways into your content

Group travel firm Intrepid’s homepage is great because it recognises there are as many different types of traveller as there are trips to go on.

It offers visitors a choice of 3 kinds of travel style – Basix, Original and Comfort – which are all presented at the top of the page, using striking images and a simple design to attract our attention.

Key takeaway: Offer a range of options to appeal to broadest audience.


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