2 examples of brands doing clever things with content

Real estate and values are only part of the story when it comes to property content. These brands used football players and train fares to tell their story…

 2 examples of brands doing clever things with content

How many buildings add up to a footballer?

Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo was worth more than 2 Baltico Buildings in Lisbon at the time of the 2016 World Cup? Or that Raheem Sterling was valued at less than a fifth of the Gherkin? 

International property firm JLL made this comparison in an infographic that showed 8 footballers’ values in terms of 8 commercial buildings that are well-known globally. JLL distributed it on social media to coincide with the football tournament. And it went viral.

It just goes to show that if you tie your property content to an event and pick an ‘of-the-moment’ non-property comparator, you’ll get people sharing content about real estate values.

Doing the maths on train fares

House values and distance from employment go hand in hand. The further a house-buyer is from jobs and work, the less they think a property is worth, and the more they think train fares cost.  So why do we rarely see content about property values including the cost of commuting? 

Perhaps content creators forget to put themselves in the mind-set of the reader so don’t address their concerns about relocating and commuting costs. Or maybe they’re too lazy to do the research and the maths.

Zoopla’s content strategists take no such short-cuts. They’ve followed content strategy’s golden rule: understand the user’s needs, do the work for them, and create easy-to-digest information to fit those needs.

In this case, Zoopla has researched train fares between homes and employment. And then they went one step further and worked out the train fares in terms of rising property values.

The final result: an attention-grabbing headline – ‘Could your home pay for your annual season ticket in 7 days?’ And a table showing the exact number of days you’d need to own a house for its rising value to cover the cost of an annual season ticket. A clever approach, simply executed.

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