2 more examples of property brands being clever with content

Clever formats, snappy language and Twitter-friendly graphics are helping these 2 property brands transform potentially dull information into head-turning content…

 2 more examples of property brands being clever with content

The world of property is one of deep detail and long-winded legislative processes. Making it seem interesting from a content perspective demands thinking outside the box – and them some.

Animations show it’s easy as 1,2,3

Do you avoid doing things you think could be useful just because they seem complicated?

You’re not alone. Processes that seem unfamiliar can be off-putting, no matter how appealing the end result. Take selling or buying property by auction.

It’s something many people worry is riddled with hidden risks and complications.

Auctioneer Allsop recognised this. To help people better understand the world of property auctions, it made a series of simple, short (and sweet) animations.

These video animations demystify the whole process from start to finish – breaking it down into bite-size chunks of easily digestible information.

Video can be off-putting too though – long, laborious and a drain on your attention span. Allsop kept its videos under 2 minutes each.

People know they can watch them and still have plenty of their lunch break left for checking emails, doing their banking and – most importantly – eating.

And because several videos are dealing with different sections, you can dip and out of the videos at your leisure, whenever you have a spare 2 minutes.

Image of Allsop auction webpage showing their animation

Storytelling strikes a chord

Property industry content can be a hard sell – too many facts, figures and smiling politicians photographed in hard hats.

Deloitte knows a thing or two about bringing seemingly dull content to life, giving its reports an eye-catching headline to hook the reader’s attention.

Office Crane Survey is a cool title. It makes you visualise a London skyline dotted with tower cranes – a city abuzz with development.

But it doesn’t stop there. The way in which that information is packaged and presented is also pretty snappy. Graphs bring statistics off the page and into your imagination. Things are broken down into modules perfect for sharing with your audience on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Image of Deloitte Office Crane Survey landing page

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