15 examples of property brands doing clever things with content

This book collects some of our favourite examples of effective property content.

 15 examples of property brands doing clever things with content

Property is a topic that fascinates us all. It’s the most expensive purchase we make in our private lives, often the largest item on the corporate balance sheet after salaries, and an asset class in its own right. But it’s not always simple to write about.

Regardless of whether we’re writing about a 2-up, 2-down, acres of arable land, or investment opportunities in Singapore skyscrapers, audiences want to understand how property impacts on them.

They need comparisons, context and inspiration to make informed, high-stakes decisions. This is also a sector that’s informed by detailed processes and changing legal procedures, so your property content needs to turn sometimes dry or difficult subjects into meaningful, engaging information.

Our e-book collects some of our favourite examples of effective property content, produced both by Sticky’s own clients and other brands in the business. Spanning marketing content, thought leadership copy, data visualisation and more, we hope this e-book will provide useful inspiration for anyone working in content creation and marketing in property.