12 summer jobs for your content interns

It might be summer but there's no such thing as content downtime. Here are 12 jobs for your content interns to help tweak your digital presence before the busy season...

 12 summer jobs for your content interns
  1. Do some informal user testing. Play with the site for an hour and write down anything that’s confusing, hard to find, or isn’t where you’d expect it to be.
  2. Proof-read static content, checking for spelling and grammar glitches, stylistic inconsistencies, and abrupt changes of tone.
  3. Stress-test forms and transactional journeys. Is there a smooth progression from one stage to the next? Are all the instructions easy to follow? 
  4. Check for broken links.
  5. Check all headlines and link texts contain obvious seo keywords
  6. Run a jargon check. Make a list of any words or phrases that don’t make sense.
  7. Check that all content is current. What is the date of the last blog post / Facebook post / press release? Is there any content that’s obviously out of date?
  8. Check all published landline and mobile phone numbers.
  9. Check out the competition. Note at least 1 thing that each competitor is doing that your company isn’t.
  10. Brainstorm a list of ideas for blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts etc. 
  11. Sign up for the email newsletter and report on the process. Was it easy to find the link? How prompt was the response? Was the confirmation email welcoming? 
  12. Look at how key pages appear on different browsers (eg Explorer, Chrome) and on different devices (eg mobile, tablet). Report back on any glaring issues.