Here at Sticky Content, we really like the new campaign from Go Compare.

Ahead of the new TV ads in July, Go Compare needed to drum up some interest.

So how do you get people excited about that oh-so-annoying tenor Gio Compario (yes, he has an equally annoying name!)

Simple really. You play on said character trait.

Billboards have sprung up around the country, with the graffiti artist's job already done for them.

Here's just one of them (top)

In fact, it’s so realistic it had us all fooled – well, me at least!

I'm sure I'm not the only person who's risked life and limb to clamber across a busy road to take a picture and share it on Twitter, delighted with the wit and audacity of the local graffiti artists.

Loads of people are at it. The ads have been shared on social networks by people equally amused – and duped – by them.

Excited about the new TV ads? Maybe not.

But, taken note of a brand which may otherwise have been ignored with another annoying advert? Definitely.