Corporate culture shock! How to get stick-in-the-mud stakeholders to embrace an always-on culture for content

See the slides from Catherine Toole's speech at the B2B Marketing Conference 2015

What stands in the way of cross-platform, proactive, genuinely client-centric content? Why, people of course. 

A recent Sticky Content survey uncovered the huge waste of content which never gets published – in 15% of organisations, nearly half of everything written! Marketing professionals cite 'chasing feedback' as the biggest barrier to getting content live and a third claim senior management has the biggest negative impact on content quality. Over two thirds claimed their organisation lacked a clear direction and content strategy. 

If you recognise these issues, then this presentation is for you. Sticky Content founder Catherine Toole has been helping b2b brands big and small grow their culture for content for nearly 2 decades. Given at the B2B Marketing Conference in November, this presentation will: 

  • share secrets of how companies transform content production to ensure they get seen and shared every day 
  • give tips and case studies to inspire action in your own organisation that can start tomorrow 
  • demonstrate how an always-on content for culture can be achieved even with limited resource, complex subject matter and difficult stakeholders... 

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