We get people stuck on you

We’re at the centre of a network of partners who are all about getting people on your side. We combine insight and imagination to make creative that sticks to your users wherever they go, gaining your brand not just attention but long-term popularity – and who knows? Maybe even a little love.…

Twenty years ago, stickiness was about getting people to spend more time on your site. Then it was about finding ways to stand out in a crowd.

But today the destination is the user. It’s down to users themselves to distribute the content they like, bring it into their networks and so generate true reach and engagement on your brand’s behalf.

But people will only do that for you if they like you. So standing out from the crowd is only part of the battle – the real challenge is to get people stuck on you.

Our network

Access to the national news wire that’s at the heart of the media. Get sight of the news agenda before it breaks, speak directly to a PA journalist about your story.
Using AI to analyse brand communications and give actionable insights.
Broadcast PR and branded video production and seeding.
True native distribution and campaign management across mainstream digital publishers in the UK, including Hearst and Trinity Mirror.
Event photography and current news, sport and entertainment images.
Digital storytelling platform that supports sharing and optimisation.
Real-time translation across all media formats.
Curated video and editing software with exclusive access to PA video.